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    •              "26.11.2020 Revision of Flags System, Grievance Redressal Mechanism and formation & delegation of some powers to District Disciplinary Committee - Communication” (Click here to download)              "24.11.2020 Circular on New Cataract Procedures under Dr YSR Aarogya Scheme.” (Click here to download)              "23.11.2020: Circular on the pre-requisites from NWHs for installation of CC cameras at Mithra help desks.” (Click here to download)              "Reopening of COVID CASES” (Click here to download)              "Inclusion of Post COVID management.” (Click here to download)              "Circular issued containing the preauth and discharge guidelines to all the Network Hospitals.”(Click here to download)             "Circular Instructions for all NWH's to follow the guidelines with compliance Blood Grouping reports of beneficiaries in the Dr. YSRAHCT”(Click here to download)             "The approved fee structure for offline empanelment application is “Rs.10,000/- for less than 10 specialties and Rs.15,000/- for 10 or above specialties”              "Circular instructions to Aarogyamithras for patient Referral System.”(Click here to download)              "Arranging of Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Help desks in all Government Hospitals." (Click here to download)              "Circular for Time Limitations Update " (Click here to download)                 
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