Wing Designation Name of the Employee Phone Number E-mail
Dr.YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust Chief Executive Officer Shri. Dr. Mallikarjuna Annam, IAS 0863-2259861, Ext:302
Additional Chief Executive Officer Shri. B. Rajasekhara Reddy 0863-2259861, Ext:302
Administration & HR Executive Officer M.Prasada Rao 8333817330
Joint Executive Officer (Admin & HR) Ch Venkata Deepak 8333817321
Deputy Executive Officer (Admin)(NT) C. Siva Shankar 8333817355
Deputy Executive Officer (HR)(NT) Gundala Vamsi Krishna 8333817311
Budget & Finance (Accounts Wing) Joint Executive Officer K Bhavani Sankar 7901092800
Deputy Executive Officer (NT) M.Kiran 8333817344
Deputy Executive Officer (NT) K Siva Prasad 8333817396
Project Monitoring Unit - Software General Manager A.Vijaya Bhaskar 7901092795
Deputy General Manager M. Ankaiah 8333817456
Assistant General Manager S.Vamsi Krishna 8333817452
Assistant General Manager P Honey Ezekiel
PMU-Executive C.V. Prasad 7901092779
PMU-Executive K. Mudduswamy 7901092776
PMU-Executive K. Venkata Manikanta 7901092778
PMU-Executive A VenkataDurga Rao
PMU-Executive Mohammad Jilani
Network Administrator - PMU B.Vinod Kumar 9391831882
IT Executive G.Hema Chandra Sekhar 8333817448
IT Executive T.Sivakoteswara Rao 9866065300
Group Mail ID
Operations wing ( Preauthorisations, Claims and Followups )
Executive Officer (Tech) Dr L Ramu 8333817347
Joint Executive Officer (Tech) Dr R Naga Malleswari 8333817335
Joint Executive Officer (Tech) Dr Sarvani 7901092790
Joint Executive Officer (Tech) Dr L Venkata Reddy Naidu 7901092783
Deputy Executive Officer (NT) A.Sri Lakshmi 8333817384
CMCO Deputy Executive Officer (Tech) Dr.B.Muralidhar 9154143156
Field Operations Support Services & Grievances Joint Executive Officer (Tech) Dr. P. Avinash 8333817301
Deputy Executive Officer (Tech) Dr.K. Emerald Priyadharshini 7901092792
Deputy Executive Officer (NT) A.Vijay Kumar 8333817404
Planning & Coordination wing Executive Officer (Tech) (I/C) Dr. U. Ashok Reddy 7901092801
Joint Executive Officer (Tech) (I/C) Dr. G. Chandra Kanth Yadav 8333817361
Deputy Executive Officer (NT) Pragathi Devi Reddy
Empanelment & Medical Audit wing Chief Medical Auditor Dr. K.L.Prasanna 7901091288
Joint Executive Officer (Tech) (EDC) Dr. B.Shashidhar kumar 8333817329
Deputy Executive Officer (NT)(EMP) D.Narendra 8333817326
Deputy Executive Officer(NT)(EDM) M.Divya Rani 8333817363
Group Mail ID 8333817450
104 Sevakendram & 102 Call Centre General Manager (I/C) Dr. K.L.Prasanna 7901091288
Manager P.Thirumala Devi 8333817338
EHS Executive Officer (Tech) Dr. U. Ashok Reddy 7901092801
Joint Executive Officer (Tech) Dr. Raja Gopal Reddy 8333817378
Joint Executive Officer (Tech) - Dental Dr. P.Indeevar 8333817477
Deputy General Manager K. Sudhakar Reddy 8333817400
Deputy Executive Officer (NT) B. Ravi Shankar Babu 7901092788
Deputy Executive Officer (NT) Anupama Ketham Reddy 8333817451
Medical Reimbursement Joint Executive Officer (Tech) Dr. G. Chandra Kanth Yadav 8333817361
Deputy Executive Officer (NT) B.Kalpavalli 7901092782
Aarogya Raksha Deputy Executive Officer (NT) A.Vijay Kumar 8333817404
Others Vigilance Officer M.NageswaRao 8333817322
Legal Officer V.Jawahar Babu 8333817436